Loneliness as a Solo Entrepreneur

by Lizette Volkwyn

We all are part of this fast paced economy, partaking in a race of acceptance, competing against each other.  Chasing after an artwork, which social media, morality, and our own perception have created.

Any lack of feeling of achievement, productivity or emotional connection sets the spark of Loneliness. It then spirals down to Self-doubt, Distraction and an overall feeling of isolation.

The bigger question that prevails, is what can I do to manage this feeling of Despair, or more so how can I avoid this self-destruct feeling of loneliness?

The causes of loneliness are varied and include social, mental, emotional, and physical factors.  It depicts how we see ourselves Socially, Mentally and emotionally where I mind is at and obviously our health dictates our energy. To sidestep Loneliness we need to understand our true self and what our true reality realms around us.

As Entrepreneur, we find ourselves questioning our abilities more often than none, especially when we are faced with challenges. We start by comparing ourselves with our competition, our self-doubt kicks in, and before we know it we feel isolated and lonely. The truth be told, we create our own feeling of loneliness and self-destruction.

The million dollar question is, how do you avoid Entrepreneurial loneliness? The answer lies in your own vivid perception of who you are and who you want to present. When you start owning your Company, trust in what you stand for and believe in the deliverance of your Services and Product, you rise to a confident representation of an Elite Entrepreneur, which attract Networking, Sharing and Collaborations.

In challenging moments, you will be able to reach out to like-minded individuals, express your concerns and needs without feeling inadequate beyond measure. Alone times will be optimized to expand your growth and stretch your limitations, instead of allowing Self-Doubt and Self-sabotage to creep in and over power your ability to grow.

Thus, in closing, loneliness starts in our own mind, living from a questionable insecurity and self-doubt in challenging times. It is time that we create the canvas of Success, Believe and Prosperity, long before the challenging times blurs it with Loneliness and Self-doubt. This is your entrepreneurial canvas, paint it well.

Lizette Volkwyn