Design Your Own Life, and Win!


Are You Ready to Fast Track Your Life to the Life You Always Wanted?


The Old, Hard Way

Feeling stuck

Worrying about where your life is going

Depressed, living in a way you can’t stand

Your heart desires more but you’re tired or scared to live a different way

Clueless as to how to change it up

Not sure the life you are thinking of is possible

Frustrated with all the advice others are giving you but they’re in the same boat

You cringe at the thought of a dead-end life, and then it’s over

You’re fed up with having to choose between a no-where road and your dreams

The New, Improved Way

Identify what is holding you back, without self-judgement

Confidently design your own life, a winning life! Create design that eliminates overwhelm in your life.

Create a RoadM.A.P. that builds the life you want, around the way you designed it

Know that when you are ready, never have to return to a soul-sucking job or old ways of living again

Live a life that engages you

Develop a simple system (without any complicated tech) so that you can tweak or change it when you want to

Finally have your own strategy that helps you achieve your goals, after all, you know what you can do

Feel confident and secure about the fact that you are in control of your life from here on out.

Gain a quality life with a customized RoadM.A.P. for you and your family


This is for you if you…

  • Want a purpose-filled life
  • Want to break free from the stuck feeling you have every day
  • Are ready to eliminate the excuses why you can’t have the life you want
  • Are ready to start seeing the results of a purpose-filled life
  • Want to be in control of your own life
  • If you like the above ideas…


Make sure that you are on the next full day workshop! Check the events calendar (on the right side of this page, click on view all events), find your date and send an email to and request a booking form, it’s that easy.

We’re so excited about what you could be doing with your new life that we almost forgot to tell you the cost, wait for it…

ONLY R1500 for the whole day

You could also call Michelle on 071 222 0977 or Lizette: 072 431 2023