Finding Me Event

You have wasted enough time. The time is NOW.

Frustrated with life? Nothing seems to be working?  Friends and family don’t get you? You feel unheard, even muzzled? Then it is time to take your power back!

Let me show you the formula that changed my life. It is easier than you think.

You know there is more to you, and more to life than what you are experiencing now… you just don’t know how to reach out and take it.

Let me show you how, it is easier than you think. A three-hour investment in yourself is all it takes to experience a life make-over. Master Life Coach, Lizette Volkwyn, will guide you to the buried gold of your self. The journey guarantees to uncover the life of confidence, acceptance and joy in the discovery of who and what you really want.

Book your ticket now for only R350-00.

The ticket includes:

*** The Book Finding Me R150, a Goodie Bag valued at R350, Refreshments and an extra ordinary morning filled with fun ***

Change is a decision away, Joy can be yours in just three hours.