Corporate Training

Over 114 business-oriented and corporate training programs

Face-Off Coaching and Training Academy has over 114 business-oriented trainings to offer. Please ask us for a list of our courses by emailing us on

Specialized Sales and Product Training

Specializing in a unique Sales and Product Training nationally, we delivery a positive outcomes-based workshop. This ensures each participant can apply their new skills immediately and take it to market with guaranteed success if the technique is implemented as taught. Our portfolio also extends to Software Solutions Selling and how to bring it to market.

Our objective is to empower the team to reach set targets, to motivate sales teams, encouraging them to acquire the skills to perform to their fullest while broadening their potential. We have designed workshops that give individuals the tools to differentiate themselves in the business market, and the ability to excel in their specific industries if these skills are applied as taught.

Training sessions available:

Basic Sales Training (2-day workshop)

Includes cold calling, demo and presentations, emotional customer control, closing techniques and after-sales training.

Product Training (1-day workshop)

Currently, we can train on most Office Automation products and how to sell them in the marketplace. Our can customize training for your specific needs.

Managing a Sales Team

For Sales Managers. This training includes: how to motivate sales executives, how to create sales funnels, and how to build a cohesive team.


Emotional Behavior
Consulting as Business and Life Coaches, we can assist all your employees with EQ and career development. We are available to assist with the interviewing process through to retrenchments and dismissals. We are also available to help with analysing interviews and communication skills when required.

Our services extend to assist those who need to handle traumatic experiences, emotional growth or broadening their position within their specific fields.

Trauma Counseling

As a Master NLP practitioner and a group of expert Life Coaches, we can assist Employees who have experienced trauma, ie. Hi-Jacking, Divorce, Death, Health Scares and other traumatising events that impact on productivity.

Team Building Events

We have several team building programs to set your team on a path of new vigor, camaraderie, and focus. Our focus is not to give the team a day off from work, but leave them with a sense of responsibility, empowerment and most of all a deep understanding of loyalty. If you require a bespoke design, our learning and development specialist can create a program specific to your needs and requirements.

Keynote and Inspirational Talks

Our speakers can take the audience to the next level of thinking, pushing them to dig deep. Encouraging their hearts to enticing their thoughts into a new way of thinking, accelerating their potential as individuals, and as a team in a fun, out-of-the box yet focused direction.

Let us collaborate and empower each individual to
reach their full potential.